Invest like the 1%

Choose a team of Experts that speak to you, add their portfolios to yours in one click, then learn how they make their decisions as you invest together. 

New to investing? Try it completely risk-free with our simulator.


New to Investing?

Investing is the key to wealth building, but it can be an intimidating world to enter without support and knowledge. That’s where Wizest comes in, providing analysis and strategy to our users on their investing journey.

Most investing tools fall into two categories: some leave you to make every decision on your own, the rest remove the decision-making process completely. Managing your portfolio alone often ends in impulsive decisions and regret, while removing yourself from the strategic aspect takes all the fun out of investing! Wizest empowers you to choose Experts you trust, build your portfolio around theirs, and learn why they make their decisions as you invest together.


The majority of Americans don’t invest in the stock market at all. We get it – it can be intimidating and complicated and difficult to find a good partner without putting in big money up front. 

We created Wizest to remove those roadblocks to investing, democratize the stock market for all, and make it a human experience that’s enjoyable for everyone.


You are in the driver’s seat. By picking Experts you relate to, your portfolio reflects your personality, whether that’s renewables, tech, or minority-owned companies.


Your news feed will tell you everything you need to know about your investments and the Experts you choose. Here, Experts explain their strategies and describe their trades so you understand the process.


Is there anything more fun than making money? Yes, actually. Our Expert leaderboards, reward system, and contests add a crucial missing piece to the process of investing that makes it engaging and rewarding for you.

for Investors
Build a Team You Trust

Start at the leaderboards to see which Experts are on top, then check out their profiles and performance history to see if they fit your style. From there, you can copy their portfolios to your own with one click.

Learn from the Experts

Your news feed will begin to fill up with exclusive commentary on market headlines and explanations of the trades your Experts are making. Like other social media apps, it’s your own personalized feed of content relevant to you and your trades.

No Minimums

Easy Withdrawals

We think anyone should be able to invest with financial experts. That’s why Wizest has no account minimums and even offers a free simulator. Add or withdraw funds any time without extra fees.

Are you an expert?
Three big benefits for financial experts: zero overhead costs, a national clientele base, additional income. Need we say more?

Wizest is an investing platform that takes a community approach to democratizing the stock market by allowing you to curate your own team from our financial Experts, copy their portfolios to yours in one click, then follow their trades with regular commentary and explanations in a centralized news feed.

 Our vision is to reduce wealth inequality by making financial services and the stock market approachable and financial wellness attainable for all.

Anyone can invest through the Wizest platform. Our mission is to give the kind of financial advice used by the 1% to everyone, no matter the size of your investment. Unlike most investment alternatives, we have no account minimums and no extra fees for withdrawals. First-time investors can even test the waters with our free simulator.

Wizest was designed as the ideal investing solution for everyone, putting the advisory resources of the 1% in the hands of the 99%. While most platforms are either completely passive, providing no autonomy, or force you to get financial guidance from dubious sources, Wizest lets you select from a wealth of Expert analysis and advice to build a meaningful personal portfolio.

For seasoned investors, it provides a new way to invest in a more “social” environment and build a portfolio that reflects your personal values with leaderboards, rewards, and contests.

For new investors, Wizest allows you to invest with our Experts with low monthly fees and no minimum requirements, learn from our Experts’ trades with regular explanatory blogs, and develop their investment portfolio in an educational, low-stakes environment.

For those on the fence about entering the investment world, our free simulator lets you experiment without putting any real money in the game. Start with a broad portfolio, then narrow it down however you want, whenever you want!

Wizest offers a free simulator environment for new users to explore the world of investing. Once you’re ready to invest with real money, we charge a simple monthly fee of $15-20 per month (about the cost of one coffee per week), with 0.1% minimum in monthly Assets Under Management fee.

For Investors

With Wizest, you are ultimately in control of your funds – Experts never have direct access. Instead, they are held by the platform. Your portfolio is made up of the Expert models you have chosen to replicate. So, when you allocate funds to a particular Expert, all the platform is doing is copying their strategy to your portfolio.

As for the Experts themselves, we have a rigorous selection and vetting process, so that only those with proven professional authority become Wizest Experts. Our leaderboards and performance history make their track records transparent to users, and their performance is incentivized in many ways. We require the Series 65/66 or CFA designation for all of our Experts.

Yes! Our low monthly subscription and minimum Assets Under Management fees make that easier than ever. You can deposit or withdraw funds with no extra fees, and the subscription model means fees can be significantly lower than other alternatives.

Yes, but only as indicated by your username. Team performance and portfolio performance is accessible through our leaderboard features. This is one of the aspects of the app that makes it engaging and more personal than other alternatives for our users.

You can also join in discussions with your Experts, other users on your Experts’ team, or engage with other users and Experts with similar investing interests!

For Experts

Once you’re approved as a Wizest Expert, the first step will be to create your portfolio, including your strategy and investment experience. Next, you’ll be able to create a portfolio of stocks, using a percentage allocation model. From there, you can post updates and communicate your strategy to our user base to attract your first investors.

Presently, Experts are limited to a single portfolio. However, we are adding functionality that will permit Experts to have multiple portfolios in the near future.

We compensate Experts based on their amount of virtual assets under management. This is subject to multipliers based on user satisfaction and portfolio risk.