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Build your own team of financial experts. Copy their portfolios in one click. Start without risk by trying our free simulator.


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New to investing?
You recognize that investing is a key part of wealth-building. But financial analysis isn’t for everyone! Instead of navigating markets by yourself, Wizest empowers you to invest directly with financial experts.
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Are you an expert?
Three big benefits for financial experts: zero overhead costs, a national clientele base, additional income. Need we say more?
More than 50% of Americans do not invest in the stock market.
Investing can seem complicated, intimidating, and lastly–boring.
What if investing could be engaging and accessible like your other apps? Let’s build that future.


Access the returns of the stock market. Put your dollars toward renewables, minority-managed portfolios, and high-tech companies. 


In one easy newsfeed, learn from the best as financial experts describe their trades and explain their investment strategy. 


Wizest has been built around gamification. Check out our expert leaderboards, earn rewards, win contests, and more.

for Investors
Build a Team You Trust
Browse our universe of financial experts. Leaderboards, expert profiles, and performance history make it easy to choose. Add experts to your team and copy their portfolios in one click.
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Learn from Pros
Demystify Markets
Exclusive commentary on trades and market headlines. Follow financial experts just like social media influencers.
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No Minimums
Easy Withdrawals

We think anyone should be able to invest with financial experts. That’s why Wizest has no account minimums and even offers a free simulator. Add or withdraw funds any time without extra fees.

Connecting investors with advisors

Wizest is a platform that connects new investors to financial experts. Any user can draft their own team of financial experts, making investing as easy as choosing your team in fantasy football.

Anyone can invest through the Wizest platform. We have no account minimums, unlike many investment alternatives. For our financial experts, we require the Series 65/66 or CFA designation.

With Wizest, you can invest with the same experts and strategies that are leveraged by the 1%. Meanwhile, our experts don’t have to worry about compliance or overhead costs, as the platform executes all trades on their behalf.

Wizest offers a free simulator environment for new users to explore. Once you’re ready to invest with real money, you can get started with a simple subscription fee.

For Investors

With Wizest, experts never have direct access to your funds. Instead, they are held by the platform. Experts create portfolio models based on their disclosed strategies. When you allocate money to a particular expert, the platform replicates this model on your behalf.

While our current beta only offers a simulator environment, soon you’ll be able to open an account, deposit funds, and execute real trades, using Wizest just as you have been all along.

Yes, but only as indicated by your username. Team performance and portfolio performance is accessible through our leaderboard features.

For Experts

The first thing to do is create a profile on Wizest, including your strategy and investment experience. Next, you’ll be able to use Wizest to create a portfolio of stocks, using a percentage allocation model. Finally, you’ll be able to post and communicate your strategy to attract your first investors.

Presently, experts are limited to a single portfolio on Wizest. However, we are adding functionality that will permit experts to have multiple portfolios in the near future.

Wizest compensates experts based on their amount of virtual assets under management. This is subject to multipliers based on user satisfaction and portfolio risk.