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Choose a team of Experts that speak to you, add their portfolios to yours in one click, then learn how they make their decisions as you invest together.

Investing is the key to wealth building, but it can be an intimidating world to enter without support and knowledge. That’s where Wizest comes in, providing analysis and strategy to our users on their investing journey.


Wizest Invest Empower


You are in the driver’s seat. By picking Experts you relate to, your portfolio reflects your personality, whether that’s renewables, tech, or minority-owned companies.



Is there anything more fun than making money? Yes, actually. Our Expert leaderboards, reward system, and contests add a crucial missing piece to the process of investing that makes it engaging and rewarding for you.



Your news feed will tell you everything you need to know about your investments and the Experts you choose. Here, Experts explain their strategies and describe their trades so you understand the process.


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Invest Like the Pros

Select a team of experts based on your investment style. You can choose to replicate one or many portfolios with just one click.

Your portfolio will update in real-time based on transactions made by your team of advisors. The best part is, they’ll share with you insights on their trades.